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Performances From Home

Due to the current situation, our shows cannot be viewed live, which is why we, together with the House of Children and Arts, have made it possible to view our shows remotely. You can watch them on the House of Children and Art website.

Zlata palicica
Sign of quality performances for children and youth - the project is managed by the Slovenian Theater Institute and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Welcome to the website and the new season of the FRU-FRU Puppet Theater

In the 2019/20 school year, we have prepared for you a wide selection of puppet shows, new premieres, creative workshops, cultural day programs and other events for children, performed by professional puppeteers, mentors and educators. The performances are the result of twenty-five years of professional work with children and for children. Numerous tours around Slovenia and abroad, festivals and awards, and above all the happy and smiling faces of the youngest, tell us that we are on the right track.

A look forward

FRU-FRU enters the next quarter of a century of performing with a modern puppet aesthetic beyond the boundaries of conventional puppet theatre for children. It opens new perspectives on puppetry and looks at contemporary theatre approaches that are close to the present generation. We still remain true to the basic principles – to look for well-known stories for children and then find suitable visual concepts. We pay special attention to performances for the youngest.

We build new seasons with respect for our own history; Most of the performances that have shaped FRU-FRU’s image and recognition over the past 25 years are still alive and current and hold a special place in our historical puppet segment (Lutkoteka). We have also remained faithful to our core guiding principles. Our performances are communicative and interactive and accessible to all. We play in kindergartens, schools and cultural institutions all over Slovenia and abroad.

Also, our theatre is still an open space, a laboratory for new ideas of young, not yet established artists: actors and animators, artists, directors, musicians who, with the professional support of mentors, develop their own artistic expression.

Awards and festivals

International recognition, awards and collaborations at national and international puppet festivals and the Zlata Paličica Quality Label, awarded by the Slovenian Theater Institute with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and was awarded to all our latest productions, are taken as confirmation that our work successful and good and it is a guarantee to you that you will not be disappointed with our performances.

Our performances regularly enter the National Puppet Biennial Festival (Bieanle lutkovnih ustvarjalcev). However, we have presented ourselves at major festivals around the world: Italy, Austria, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia and the USA.

Where do we performe

The program we present to you is aimed at children, youth and adults, anyone interested in stepping into the world of puppetry and drama. We play shows at the House of Children and Arts (Hiša otrok in umetnosti), Komenskega ulica 9, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and we are happy to visit you at your kindergarten, school, local hall or your company premises throughout Slovenia and abroad.

What's new in the 2019/20 season


Kroki is a crocodile that lives in a cottage on the edge of the forest. His friend love to come for a visit: the rabbit Tina, the squirrel Zdenka, the boar and the owl Urša. Today is a very special day – Kroki’s birthday and Kroki waits in vain for his friends. Did they forget about him?

Kroki’s narratives touch on a variety of topics: friendship, compassion, sensitivity, otherness, and relationships to things and nature.

Premiere: September 2019

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