sleeping beauty


All the kingdom was happy when the King and the Queen welcomed the long anticipated birth of their daughter. Among many guests there were also two good fairies, who brought the little princess some gifts, beauty, kindness and gentleness. But suddenly, in the light of the fiery flame an uninvited guest appeared – a Wicked Fairy, who greeted the newborn »On her sixteenth birthday, the Princess shall prick her finger on a needle from a spinning wheel and shall fall asleep«. The good fairies tried to break the spell in vain, and the Princess turned sixteen.

The story about a princess who falls asleep for 100 years until she is awakened by a prince’s kiss is still popular among young audiences.

Original story by: Brothers GRIMM • Adapted and directed by: IRENA RAJH  • Design by: PETRA PETAN • Puppets made by: ANDREJ ADAMEK • Costumography of puppets by: PETRA PETAN • Scenography made by: Marjan Kunaver, Petra Petan • Performed by: Marjan Kunaver