beer cloud


Beer cloud

What exactly is a clown? A red nose, big shoes, a ring around his waist, a kick or two. That’s what the Bundochel clown probably thought when he discarded it all and started a new, “normal” life … A cloud from the beer foam joined him at the pub helped him realize what is what – “It doesn’t matter what clothes you put on, you stay what you are.” 

We all need something completely different. For example, a little girl who, when our feet are floating off the floor, will pull us back again and then look into our heart while jumping in puddles.

Text based on a story by: DANIEL HEVIER • Screenplay, dramaturgy and directed by: JELENA SITAR • Art design by: IGOR CVETKO • Music by: MARKO BOH • Help with circus parts by: NATAŠA in RAVIL SULTANOV • Performed by: IRENA RAJH in MARJAN KUNAVER

The perfromance is no longer playing!