cultural day

Puppet cultural day

PERFORMANCE (35 minutes)

• Watch any show from Fru-Fru. You can see the performances here.

PRESENTATION (45 minutes)

• short improvised sketches and excerpts from various puppet shows,

• the profession of puppeteer – animator,

• the ethnological and cultural significance of the puppet in a particular historical period,

• puppets from around the world,

• various puppetry techniques (from simple finger play, objects, classic hand puppets, java, shadow to marionette).

WORKSHOP (2 school hours per class)

• making a puppet (mimic puppets or rod puppets made of foam rubber),

• getting acquainted with the basics principels of puppet theatre,

• Performing simple puppet scenes.


Form of performance: performance / presentation / workshop

Venue: Primary School / Hall / Multipurpose Space / Classroom

Suitable age: students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd triads of elementary school (6-9 years)

Estimated number of participants for each performance: 100 children

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