Puppet Theatre FRU-FRU as non-institutional theatre does not have its own premises, but is hosted by kindergartens, schools, cultural centres and other venues around Slovenia and abroad. In Ljubljana the theatre did find its place in the House of Children and Art, where it performs regularly several times a month.

House of Children and Art is a modern cultural centre for children and youth where they are developing their creativity and sensibility, and where cultural education, has been successfully implemented since 2001. It is a place for children to socialize with local internationally renowned puppeteers, who are continuously developing and testing their work through dialogue with children.

In addition to the already known forms of family theatre, art laboratories, which you can see elsewhere, only here you can be part of special theatre/exhibitions-shows, where visitors become actors and researchers in a sensory interactive theatre and art installations.

We are pursuing both contemporary theatre forms and modern educational approaches in the mentioned programs. We follow all the main principles of theatre pedagogy with including the elements of experiential pedagogy. Stara hiša št. 3 (Old House no. 3) and V svetu prstnih lutk (In the Land of Finger Puppets) are two highly professional and artistic projects designed for children as a noble example of cultural education, since the child is a spectator and player of the game, a visitor and an event creator. The first in the series of mentioned artistic-pedagogical studies was the Old House no. 3, where the theatre unites with fairy tales. Somehow symbolically in theatre mode we entered the old Pioneer Library. The enthusiasm that the Old House has received from the viewers continued with the new project In the Land of Finger Puppets created for slightly younger children. This one is about a dialogue between children’s tradition and theatre. After socializing with poetry in Prešerni poti (Prešern path), which is an ambient experiential theatre, we returned to our House and went on our way through our body. This year, we are joining theatre with geography in the show Za petimi gorami (Behind Five Mountains). After literature, ethnology and science, now geography follows, all in the way of art.

After all – this is the House of Children and Art.

The House of Children and Art is located in the centre of Ljubljana on Komenskega ulica 9.