an apple


Little Mouse finds a big red apple. Happily she starts rolling it home where she could eat it in peace. But an apple falls into a pond and the frog offers her help. When the apple is ‘saved’, mouse continues not paying attention to the frog, which also gets an appetite for an apple. But then an apple rolls into a thorny bush and mouse cries for help…

The show was created on the motifs of the fairy tale by A. H. Benjamin: Little Mouse and the big red apple.

The show received 25 stars – junior jury award at the Summer Puppet Pier Festival in 2002 and ranked at the 2nd Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia, Maribor 2003.

Idea and performance by: IRENA RAJH and MARJAN KUNAVER • Design by: JERICA CVETKO • Puppet design, scenography and music by: MARJAN KUNAVER, MATEJA ŠUŠTERŠIČ • Lyrics: KIM KOMLJANEC