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Premiere 2017
For children 1,5+
Duration 30 minutes
Production FRU-FRU and Hiša otrok in umetnosti


There’s a girl in her room. Lonely, she walks across the room until she sees a green string hanging from her toy box. And at the end of the string is a small wooden horse. All of a sudden, the horse starts to wiggle on its own, and the green string draws an unknown, magical landscape on the wall. The girl finds new objects and toys that come to life in the line drawing on the wall.

The play is a collage of Oton Župančič’s children’s poetry in a contemporary and fresh musical score. Each of the pieces of the collage, with its own story and character based on children’s drawings, creates a complete theater experience for the youngest.

Responses and awards

Idea and directed by: IRENA RAJH • Dramaturgy by: ANŽE VIRANT • Art design and scenography by: BRINA FEKONJA • Music by: NINO DE GLERIA and ŠPELA AVSENAK • Set manufactured and puppet technology by: MARJAN KUNAVER • Costumography by: Iztok Hrga  • Performed by: ANA ŠPIK in ANŽE VIRANT • Technical help by: LUKA JARE • Production:  Hiša otrok in umetnosti and Lutkovno gledališče FRU-FRU • Art design is based on children drawings by: IVA and ULA ENGELSBERGER


Responses and Awards:

  • The play was included in the program of the festival 28. Summer Puppet Festival, Maribor 2017
  • The show was a part of the Bobri Festival, Ljubljana 2018 and 2019
Zlata palicica
The performance is placed in the database of quality reference shows for children Zlata Paličica