dr. eko visit


Premiere 2010
For children 4+
Duration 35 minutes
Production FRU-FRU 


Family Skrbnik and Potratnik live in the same street of a small town. While the Skrbnik family as an exemplary eco family cares for the environment, purify, separate and recycle waste, use alternative heating sources and take their the trips by bicycle, Potratnik family with their careless attitude to the environment, such as dumping and burning toxic waste and the use of solid fuels, almost cause real ecological disaster in a small town. The city is wrapped in a cloud of smoke, but the citizens accuse a nearby factory for the pollution…

In a show children in an unobtrusive and humorous way learn about ecology as a way of life.

Supported by: TE-TOL LJUBLJANA • Story by: IRENA RAJH • Design by: URŠKA STROPNIK • Technology, puppet design and scenography by: ANDREJ ADAMEK, MATEJA ŠUŠTERŠIČ, MARJAN KUNAVER • Performed by: IRENA RAJH and MATEVŽ GREGORIČ • Directed by: FRU-FRU