frog in love


Love is for adults! How about children, they are in love too! So are the animals for example a frog into a duck. You do not believe me, just watch our game. To fall in love! Hey, that’s not easy at all. First, there are tons of issues, such as; an increased heartbeat, hot flushes, cold shivers. And if you happen to know who you love, do you know if they love you?! And how do you find out…with a lot of courage, because if the answer is no, it is all in vain … And what the duck said to the frog? Well, of course there is a happy end. Love has no limits! All in love are funny, yet our heart trembles for them. Even in our story it is so, even if the one who is in love is a frog.

Short stories by Max Vetlhuijs about a frog which is just as we are, large and small, are classics on the shelves of children’s literature today. The frog is accompanied by beautiful white duck, domestic pig and wise rabbit. Simple stories pose new challenges for our heroes and deepen their ties. From the rich collection we chose the story about how we love.

Script, direction and dramaturgy: JELENA SITAR • Art design by picture books: MAX VELTHUIJS • Puppets made by: NEVA VRBA • Scenography and technology by: Marjan Kunaver • Painting scene by the Max Velthuijs motifs: IGOR CVETKO • Help with scenography by: ANA LEKŠE, NATAŠA HROVAT • Light advisor: IGOR CVETKO • Performed by: MARJAN KUNAVER and IRENA RAJH