kroki and friends


Premiere 2019
For children 3+
Duration 30 minutes
Production FRU-FRU and Umetniško društvo Konj


Kroki is a crocodile that lives in a cottage on the edge of the forest. His friend love to come for a visit: the rabbit Tina, the squirrel Zdenka, the boar and the owl Urša. Today is a very special day – Kroki’s birthday and Kroki waits in vain for his friends. Did they forget about him?

Kroki’s narratives touch on a variety of topics: friendship, compassion, sensitivity, otherness, and relationships to things and nature.

Story by: META BRULEC, SILVAN OMERZU • Art design and directed by: SILVAN OMERZU • Performed by: ANA ŠPIK • Costumography by: IZTOK HRGA • Puppets manufactured by: SANJA GRCIC • Set manufactured by: ŽIGA LEBAR, BOŠTJAN ŽGAJNAR • Production: Umetniško društvo Konj in Lutkovno gledališče FRU-FRU