tine and traffic


Premiere 2018
For children 3+
Duration 35 minutes
Production FRU-FRU 


Tine, Lučka and Jaka are friends. They live on the same street, go to the same school and play together on the same playground. But the children’s play makes their neighbour John, who is a night gatekeeper, very angry, as he cannot sleep. Therefore, the children go to the school playground on their own. The way to it can be dangerous because they have to cross a busy road…

The show, made in pop-up technique, is part of the educational puppet shows of the FRU-FRU theatre, which informs children in an unobtrusive way about traffic hazards and rules of behaviour on the road.

Screenplay and directed by:  IRENA RAJH • Art design and painting of the set by: MARINA HROVATIN •  Scenography and puppet technology by MARJAN KUNAVER • Performed by: MATEVŽ GREGORIČ •  Production:  Lutkovno gledališče FRU-FRU