Premiere 2017
For children 4+
Duration 35 minutes
Production FRU-FRU


Anže and Neža are twins. All their lives they have been playing together, laughing the same way, crying with equally salty tears, and they said the same first word. But when they turned six, they suddenly found out that they were different – Anže got a blue school bag and a blue soccer ball, and Neža got a pink school bag and pink knits and wool. All of a sudden they are set in a world where girls are not allowed to help their dad in the garage, and it’s not boyish if Anže wants to help Mom bake pancakes. Even at school, boys and girls do not socialize. All of a sudden, they are pursued by monsters – Rozagroza (PinkHorror) and Plavalava (BlueHorror), who want to tell them that boys and girls are doing different things. Will Anže and Neža succeed in resisting the roles imposed on them by society?

The show, which focuses on gender equality, was created after the booklet Rozagroza and Plavalava, which was published by the Mundilfari institute as part of the Aktivni.vsi by Ministrie of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. The Aktivni.vsi project is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities with partners.

The story is based on book Rozagroza in Plavalava by: SAŠA ERŽEN, KOBROWSKY, MARUŠA IVANČIČ •Directed by: IRENA RAJH • Dramaturgy by: ANŽE VIRANT • Art design by: ANJA GRUDEN • Music by: GORAN ZAVRŠNIK • Costumography by: IZTOK HRGA  •Performed by: VORANC BOH/ alt. JOŠT JESENOVEC, ANA ŠPIK in ANŽE VIRANT • Production:  Lutkovno gledališče FRU-FRU, Ministrstvo za delo, družino, socialne zadeve in enake možnosti • Coproduction: KUD Priden možic