frog in winter


Premiere 2018
Fro children 2+
Duration 35 minuts
Production FRU-FRU and Hiša otrok in umetnosti


One morning the frog is surprised by the snow. He doesn’t understand why everything is covered with a white blanket, he is shivering with cold, he slips on a frozen pond, and he can’t understand why his friends are so happy to skate and have snowball fights. But when he almost freezes in the snow, his friends come to his rescue.

After the puppet hit The Frog in Love from Max Velthuijs ‘ rich collection of short stories, a new story arrives on the puppet stage with new trials for our heroes which enrich the bonds between them.

A great show, perfect for the festive winter days!

Responses and awards

Screenplay and directed by: IRENA RAJH • Design based on illustrations by: MAX VELTHUIJS •Puppet production by: NEVA VRBA • Scene production and technology by: MARJAN KUNAVER • Scenography painted by: MARINA HROVATIN • Music by: MARKO BOH • Performed by: ANA ŠPIK and BOŠTJAN ODER / alt. TINES ŠPIK

Responses and Awards:

Zlata palicica
The performance is placed in the database of quality reference shows for children Zlata Paličica