winter fairy tale


In a small town at the end of a quiet street, a snowman stands, at first glance quite an ordinary one, but instead of a broom he holds a paper flower in his hand. It is snowing and all is quiet and peaceful. When the midnight strikes, the snowman wakes up and sees another snowman coming from around the corner with a broom in his hands walking towards him: “I’m sorry, this is my street, there is no room for both of us” he angrily says. After that a third snowman comes along, carelessly bumps into him and a quarrel starts…

Winter fairy tale talks about three snowmen fighting for their place in the street. Then a dog’s call for help brings them together and they help him find his home. A puppet show about small joys of winter and friendship is based on the motifs of the story Three snowmen by Milan Pavlika.

Script, dramaturgy and directed by: IRENA RAJH • Design by: IGOR CVETKO • Music by: NINO DE GLERIA • Costume design by: IZTOK HRGA • Puppets and scenography made by: MARJAN KUNAVER • Performed by: MARJAN KUNAVER, ANA ŠPIK