zlatko the little mole


Premiere 2005
For children 2+
Duration 35 minutes
Production FRU-FRU


On a sunny day a little mole Zlatko came crawling out of his molehill and looked up to the sky to see what the weather was going to be like. And then it happened. It was soft and round like a sausage, and it dropped right on the Little Mole’s head. »Who pooed on my head?« shouted Zlatko angrily. But short-sighted as he was, he didn’t see anybody.

Through the meetings of the Little Mole and animals at the home meadow, and their big and small poo, children learn in a fun way that all living creatures do ‘those things’ the adults don’t want to talk about. For a two-year old, however, a full potty is an important event. The show is based on the motifs of best-selling Werner Holzwarth’s children book.

Idea, adapted and directed by: IRENA RAJH • Puppet design: SARA  JASSIM, IZTOK HRGA • Scenography by: IZTOK HRGA • Music by: MARKO BOH • Puppets and scenography by: IZTOK HRGA, MATEJA ŠUŠTERŠIČ, NEVA VRBA, ANDREJ ADAMEK • Performed by: IRENA RAJH, VITO ROŽEJ/ MATEVŽ GREGORIČ